12 Worship Songs With 4 Chords & 1 Strum Pattern

Learn more about this spider pattern and more beginner patterns and chords here: https://simplifiedguitar.com/3-step-guide/

Download chord charts and watch the full video tutorial for each song below:

1. Nobody Loves Me Like You: https://simplifiedguitar.com/nobody-loves-me-like-you/

2. Rock Of Ages: https://simplifiedguitar.com/rock-of-ages/

3. You are my all in all: https://simplifiedguitar.com/you-are-my-all-in-all/

4. Who should I fear: https://simplifiedguitar.com/whom-shall-i-fear/

5. Touch the sky: https://simplifiedguitar.com/touch-the-sky/

6. Nothing But The Blood: https://simplifiedguitar.com/nothing-but-the-blood/

7. Jesus Loves Me: https://simplifiedguitar.com/jesus-loves-me/

8. Mighty To Save: https://simplifiedguitar.com/mighty-to-save/

9. Glory to God forever: https://simplifiedguitar.com/glory-to-god-forever/

10. Give us clean hands: https://simplifiedguitar.com/give-us-clean-hands/

11. Breath: https://simplifiedguitar.com/breathe/

12. Abba: https://simplifiedguitar.com/abba/