Aradhana Aradhana | Guitar Tutorial | Chords Lesson | Popular Hindi Christian Song 2019

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The song “Aradhana Aradhana” is a great boon to churches all over the country. May this song enrich your faith and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. Do you like the video and subscribe to the channel if you want to see more videos like this in the future. I think as you learn this song, you will be very blessed.
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Em D
Aaraadhana, aaraadhana
Am D Em
Stuti aaraadhana aaraadhana
Em D
Subah ke samay,
Em D
Shaam ke samay,
Am Em
Aaraadhana pita cow

Em D
Pavitr aatma tujhe aaraadhana
Am Em
Just saathee tujhe aaraadhana
G Bm
Swarg ke pita tujhe aaraadhana
D B Em
Maarg darshee tujhe aaraadhana

Jeevit balee tujhe aaraadhana,
Jeevan jal tujhe aaraadhana
Baadal ke khambe tujhe aaraadhana,
Just maseeh tujhe aaraadhana

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