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బంధీనైపోయ | Telugu worship song

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Songwriter and Producer: John Vittney Kalavala

Executive producers: John Victor Sudheer Kumar Kalavala | Mary Meria Kumari

Vocals: John Vittney Kalavala | Allen Ganta

Rear Vocal: Daniel Prem Kumar | Bobby Joe | Danny Ratan | Samatha Rebecca David | Joshly Johnson | Havila Himabindhu

Music event, mixing and mastering: Jonathan Wesley

Recording Engineers: Jonathan Wesley | Enoch Jagan

Melody composition: Jubin Kurian (Yeshuve Nadha – Malayalam) | John Vittney Kalavala

Recording Studies: Jonathan Wesley Music, Bangalore | Jagan Leo Studios, Hyderabad

Video Credits:
Direction: CP
BOB: Prakash Kotla
Editing: Rama Krishna Arram
Coloring & DI: Kalyan (Digi Post)
Venue courtesy: Ashirwad Global Learning Center

The band in the video:
Bass Guitar: Daniel Prem Kumar
Keys: Enoch Jagan | Joseph Vijay
Acoustic Guitar: Allen Ganta
Electric Guitar: Paul Godfrey
Drums: Manoj Gudipudi

Choreography: Mamatha Eliz Feona | Alekhya Elipe

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History behind the song:
This song was written on June 8, 2016. In the year 2016, we had a national conference hosted in Hyderabad. While leading worship with a Malayalam song called Yeshuve Nadha written by Jubin Kurian in the year 2006, we saw a fresh revival in our spirit.

After the conference, Nonita, one of our dear sisters, contacted our author John Vittney to translate the song into Telugu. He prayerfully created a whatsapp group of Malayalam and Telugu speaking people to start the translation. But as we were in the process of tangling, the Holy Spirit whispered these four words “Bandhinaipoya Nelo Munigi Telaka” to the author. These words were never used by any of us in the team.

On the same day, the author updated his whatsapp status with these 4 words “Bandhinaipoya Nelo Munigi Telaka”. To his surprise, he saw 30-40 of his friends change their status to these 4 words on the same day! We took this as an affirmation of God’s whisper and continued to write the song differently, keeping the essence of Thanksgiving in the song. We began to write the song by thanking God for filling us with the fire, the power and the living water. Finally, this song in Telugu has turned out to be a Thanksgiving Song instead of a prayer song.

As we began to sing the song in different churches, people could connect to every single line of the song. We received hundreds of testimonies of how the song touched their hearts and connected them with their first love – Jesus

As a courtesy, we called original Malayalam writer Jubin Kurian on March 7, 2017 to share how God has used this song to touch many lives. We also shared our interest in producing the song in Telugu with all necessary permits from him. We also shared the brand new version of the lyrics. Jubin Kurian happily accepted the idea and encouraged us to move on. Two weeks before we ended the song structure and journey, we were inspired to have a bridge to the song. In the middle of the night, the author began to be inspired by the God of the Holy Spirit, and God gave the bridge as a statement. This is the best part of the song we think.

Since then, when we asked for the right people to produce music for this song, God supernaturally connected us with Jonathan Wesley. He is a Grammy Award nominee. He gave us the sound that corresponds to the international standards.

God ordained certain people from the industry to help us with video making and editing. We shot the video using red camera, which we have never ever dreamed of.

Financially, it was really very difficult for us, but God was faithful to deliver everything on time.

God started this song, he even intervened and fine-tuned it in his time and in his style!

For God be the glory and the glory!

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