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This is video of Na Tandri lyrics Telugu Christian song latest & It is a worship song, Jesus song in Telugu.

Na tandri Nannu Manninchu is a Christian song that is an inspirational song in Telugu.

Who will forgive our sons & our mistakes?

Jesus is the only God in this world & There are no other gods to the universe

Is Jesus the only God in this universe?

Yes, he is the only God, and we must believe in him. We make many mistakes, sins & who is the one who forgives our sins.
He is our Lord Jesus Christ ….

If you have made a very big mistake or any crime, ask him to forgive our mistake.
He will definitely define our sins

What is this song about?

Na tandri song is a worship song in Telugu written & sung by STARRY ANGELINA EDWARDS, a Jesus latest song & it’s Christian song consists of lyrics Na tandri neeve

The teachings of Jesus Christ allow you to learn more about the greatest religious leader and certainly the most influential teacher to have ever lived. His profound statements give you great insight into Jesus and his teachings.

But who was the man who inspired billions all over the world?

“He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone.”
Jesus Christ, John 8: 3

For most – but not all – Christians, Jesus Christ is not only the Son of God, but God incarnates in the flesh. As such, God chose to become a human being not to judge humanity but to save the world. In His great love for humanity, Jesus sacrificed Himself – He died for our sins. Without this great sacrifice, there would be no eternal life for sinful humanity.

Discover some of the most wonderful quotes from Jesus and learn more about the Son of God.

As stated in the Old Testament, all those who die will die and that there is no forgiveness without shedding of blood. For this reason, God sent His Son to be sacrificed and deliver redemption for humanity.

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